Ninja Electric Coffee Bean Grinder Review

Ninja Electric Coffee Bean Grinder Review

Want to buy a simple and strong performing grinder machine for your kitchen on a small budget? If yes, you may take a look at Ninja Electric Coffee Bean Grinder with Safety Lock. This grinder runs on simple technology, it is user friendly and available against very reasonable price. It runs on electric and like powerful ninjas, it can work faster and with flawless accuracy.

It is a simple plug and play gadget, once you will on the switch after plugging it; you can enjoy its service. Available in onyx black color, Ninja Electric Coffee Bean Grinder with Safety Lock can be a really efficient addition to your kitchen.

If you love simple life style and the taste of coffee by your own effort, Ninja Electric Coffee Bean Grinder is the perfect solution in your kitchen. Regardless it is a small kitchen or a bigger one this coffee bean grinder is the magic solution for your grinding need at peanut price.

If you have never experienced good quality and inexpensive price at one point, this Ninja grinder is a real life example for you. Before you place your order, you must be wondering about the feature details of this small grinder. Here you go, for the feature details of this small but powerful grinding machine for your kitchen.


Ninja Electric Coffee Bean Grinder with Safety Lock Push Button SP7407, Stainless Steel

  • Small and compact look of a modern grinder
  • Absolutely reciprocal to modern look of gadgets
  • Available in black color and it is easy to clean a grinder machine that you will enjoy using
  • You can use it for your personal use in your office chamber like in your kitchen
  • The grinder comes with a transparent lid that will help you to look through the ground material
  • The grinder runs on a 150-watt motor that perfectly explains the reason behind its powerful action and performance
  • The grinder runs on one button operation: it is simple to operate even for the novices, which explains its productivity
  • It can be placed on a table or kitchen countertop or if wished you can use it as a handheld device
  • The grinder is made of plastic and stainless steel and that stands for its excellent durability: if you use it with care, it will last long
  • Blades are made with stainless steel and that offers robust performance and most desired grinding result
  • It is a versatile grinder and can work with wide variety of products like coffee beans, different varieties of grains, nuts, sugar, etc.
  • It run on 120 volt power supply
  • It has a capacity of 60 gram grinding at a time, which is perfect for personal and domestic use
  • It is safe for use and it is certified under UL listing and ETL


  • Light weight and user friendly
  • One-touch operation
  • Versatile for grinding
  • Easy instruction is available
  • Smart and good looking
  • Produces minimum noise
  • Can be placed on countertop as well as handheld
  • Inexpensive


  • The top part has to sit tight for operating the gadget
  • It has no grind setting option
  • Difficult to bring all ground power because of its shape
  • Bowl is narrow that makes it difficult to clean
  • No info is available on warranty

Product feature summary

Ninja Electric Coffee Bean Grinder is a handy gadget which you can place on countertop as well as you can use it as handheld device. It is energy efficient and works on 120 volt power connection. The grinder runs on 150 watt powerful motor and that is why renders excellent performance. Made of plastic and stainless steel, the grinder is durable enough and against its inexpensive price.

It offers versatile grinding facility for wide range of items and in most of the cases existing users have reported that grinding quality is good and commendable. It is operated by single button hence it has no complexity of operation or knowledge for setting grinding intensity. The upper lid is transparent and that is why it is easier to monitor the grinding cycle.

The grinder is easy to clean and it is almost maintenance free product. Its black color is an additional advantage and the safety lock on the top lid is an additional safety feature for this small grinder. Unless the top lid sits tightly on the grinding bowl, the machine never gets started.

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Comparison between the features

Let’s take a quick look on the features of the grinder Ninja Electric Coffee Bean Grinder with some other products of similar type.   Let’s take two other products like Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Electric Coffee Grinder with Multi Settings and Mr. Coffee IDS57-4 Coffee Grinder, Black for a comparative study to have a comparison with Ninja Electric Coffee Bean Grinder.

All three models are of black color and have earned good review from users but only in Ninja Electric Coffee Bean Grinder the safety lock is installed. Furthermore, the ninja model is included in UL listing and it is ETL certified, which confirms its international safety standard. Out of these three grinders the Ninja model runs on 150 watt motor which is extra powerful for sturdy performance.

The grinder can be used as handheld gadget whereas no other grinders of similar type can be used as handled one. It is noiseless also, which is an additional advantage. Users have certified that this small kitchen appliance can render excellent service, which is one of the reasons behind choosing it.


Ninja Electric Coffee Bean Grinderis a user friendly small in size versatile grinder than runs on electric power. It is run by one touch button and there is no complexity in its operation. It looks attractive and can be placed on countertop as well as it may work as a handheld device.

The grinder can grind 60 grams of spices or coffee beans, which is adequate for personal use. It is an easy to clean and almost maintenance-free kitchen appliance that you will be enjoying for a long time. The grinder is inexpensive in comparison to its range of utility features.

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